This Week in the Workshop

We are currently in the middle of a very nice restaurant fit out, working alongside Threshold Interiors again. This job has been taking up most of the workshop over the last month but we have finally started the fitting. As with any project such as this we have to be flexible with our timings as so many other trades are involved.

We are half way though fitting the wall cladding, this consists of dark oak herringbone panels running down one side of the room with faux panelling above. The oak panels were made up in the workshop and the easily fitted on site, the panelling has been a little more challenging as it is to line up with certain points and have recesses for TV’s which are ever moving! The TVs will eventually be hidden by chalk boards and only out for special sporting occasions.


The bar has also been fitted and is waiting for the granite top to be fitted, also made in the work shop and with the herringbone rapping around the outside. Some clever deign and making meant that fitting the 4 x3m bar and cabinets only took an hour or so, our goal when making any furniture is to iron out any possible issue in the workshop and make fitting a breeze.

The base of the 9m banquet seating went in and looks amazing, the leather guys have done an outstanding job. We set out a few of the cushions just as the client popped and had the ‘nod’.

We will be back next week to finish the walls and start the wine room.