Sussex :: Bespoke Dressing Room

Designing and making a bespoke dressing room is quite a daunting task, it can be such a luxury item and treat to have a space to pamper yourself. Big ideas grow into big expectations from our clients, but these do not always lead to a design that will work in the long run. We like to stress function first and then subtle special touches to give the luxury bespoke feeling our clients are looking for.


This particular dressing room upped the difficultly by being in a smaller room, this client has quite bold taste which we needed to keep in the back ground so as not to make the room feel smaller than needed. A Wenge effect Egger board was chosen for the back panel with a light grey carcass and caps, the idea here is that once the shelves and rails are full you will have glimpses of the deep rich Wenge showing through. We added LED lighting above the clothes rails and shelves to help show off the customers wardrobe. Angled shelves present her shoes.

We used European oak stained and oiled to match the Wenge and help keep to the clients budget, deep drawers and adjustable shelving provide plenty of storage. My favourite part of the over all room is the small free standing chest of drawers, sprayed to match the wardrobe and with a small oak frame and leg base.


One aspect of the dressing room that sums up our bespoke furniture, is the seat above the stair boxing, taking quite a useless space and providing a little perch for the clients husband to sit and discuss her clothing options!